Do you have money parked in an IRA, 401K, CD or other investments and not receiving at least 8-10% return on your investment?

If the answer is NO, let us show you how to take control of your IRA, CD or savings account while safely increasing your yield 6-7 times your current rate.

I know this may sound too good to be true, but frankly this is quite common in real estate & has been going on right under your noses in every town across America. Astute investors have been utilizing this method for many years and those that do it properly have seen substantial returns on their investments.

We have been investing in real estate for nearly 20 years and have successfully closed hundreds of transactions with the use of private funding. Utilizing private investors has allowed us to have the availability of funds to purchase multiple properties and get them funded quickly, while we in turn reward them with a much higher rate of return on their investment than they may have received by leaving that same money parked in a financial institution.

By becoming a Private Lender, you get to earn the same high interest rates the bank is earning on your money when you own a CD or Money Market account. It’s like firing your banker and becoming the bank.

We only invest in desirable communities that we know well, ensuring our private investors that their investment is safely secured by holding a mortgage/deed of trust to a property that has been purchased well below market value.

Private money lending is an incredible way to build wealth and most people aren’t even aware that it even exist. We are open to working with new investors who are looking to passively invest in real estate while safely increasing their yields much higher than the average return.

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